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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient professional lighting systems based on LED technology. We focus on minimizing energy consumption and providing comprehensive solutions, which for our client means the economical purchase of a complete installation, ready to use and supervised from one source.

We provide solutions for all sectors of the economy, such as heavy, automotive, food, chemical, fuel and energy, metallurgy, electrical machinery, mineral, wood and paper, fodder, and waste disposal industries. We offer a wide range of products for both shopping malls and large-format stores as well as for small shops. We are in the process of implementing a family of products designed for flats and houses, thanks to which the interior of your home will be characterized by originality and above average style.

Our products increase the comfort of work and everyday life as well as provide a sense of security in every place illuminated by us.

Complete lighting systems for production rooms

Thanks to our engineering department and very good market knowledge, we are constantly improving our products for industry. When preparing a lighting design, we take into account such issues as heat emission, which is very important for factory halls or warehouses. By implementing the best lighting systems, we offer technology tailored to specific conditions, so that our customers always receive an optimal and safe solution.

Outdoor solutions

Outdoor lighting is essential for citizens’ safety and road traffic. The proper lighting of places such as streets, airports, stadiums, car parks, motorways and ports is a huge challenge. Each of these places requires slightly different solutions. Our team of experts can handle any challenge by selecting the right equipment for your facility. If you have a problem with obtaining an offer for a lighting system with specific parameters, please contact us.

Lighting for apartments and houses

Thanks to carefully selected Blitzmann products, your home interior will stand out for its originality and above average style. Our lamps will not only disperse the darkness, but will successfully help to arrange every room, building the atmosphere and bringing out its character. A wide range of assortment including general, local or decorative lighting will fill every corner of your home with light.

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Blitzmann Technologies delivers energy savings for all industry sectors by highly sophisticated lighting products based on newest LED intelligent technologies.

We offer modern lighting systems
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We have already designed and implemented many lighting systems. We have been trusted by numerous companies that today appreciate proper lighting and smaller electricity bills. Become one of them!