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Blitzmann Technologies is one of the biggest producer and supplier of energy efficient and professional lighting systems based on the LED technology.

At Blitzmann Technologies we are dedicated to providing total Energy saving lighting solution on a turn-key basis. This means one-stop shopping for an installed, supervised solution from a single source.

Blitzmann Technologies delivers energy savings for all industry sectors by highly sophisticated lighting products based on newest LED intelligent and autonomous technologies.

Main activities

Retrofitting of existing lighting fixtures Supplying Blitzmann solutions and technologies for new buildings and parking lots. Implementing inteligent lighting control based on Dali, Zigbee, Bluetooth protocols.

Blitzmann offers at no cost a production site survey at any place in the world, after which customers get not only a retrofit proposal based on Blitzmann solutions, but, with lighting measurments on each working place, a lighting project and design taking into consideration customer lighting needs and wishes.

Scope of activities

Detailed, comprehensive survey of customer needs.
Lighting audits at customer site.
Tailor made offer with specific lighting production selection.
Maintenance and suport throught implementation of Blitzmann solutions.
Let your lighting savings wishes come true...

Main market scope

Governmental facilities
Shopping malls
Convenience stores

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